£100 cashback by Helping Your Friends and Family

Less than a third of people in the UK (30%) have life insurance, which equates to 8.1 million households – significantly less than the country’s 11.1 million mortgaged properties.

We do not charge any fees for advice or arranging life cover and we want to help you, your friends and your family to ensure everyone is adequately insured.

To encourage more people to speak to our Independent Protection Advisers, we will give you £50 per person that opens up a life insurance policy. We will also give your friend £50 as well. For couples, it is still £50 per person for you and them. If you need cover for yourself you will receive the full £100 cashback.

All you need to do is email office@sentryadvice.co.uk with your friends contact details and we will do the rest. You will need to obtain their permission for us to contact them first. Please also note in the email if there is a specific adviser you would like to manage their enquiry.



Types of Life Insurance

Decreasing Term Life Assurance – Also known as mortgage protection. The amount insured will reduce over time in line with your mortgage repayments.

Level Term Life Assurance – Suitable for interest-only mortgages. The amount insured will stay the same for the full term of the insurance policy.

Critical Illness Cover – A tax-free lumpsum payment on diagnosis of a range of illnesses such as heart attack, stroke, listed cancers etc.

Family Income Benefit – Provides a regular income if a loved one passes away during the term of the plan.



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