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Fordyce & Playle was formed in 2001… for the last 16 years the business has built up a sterling reputation for giving professional, friendly and ethical mortgage and protection advice. In 2016 we opened a high street office in Eastbourne so we could bring our reputation and services to the high street. The company name being difficult to spell for some and also not really offering a clue to what we do as a business it was decided to use a new trading name for the high street office to make it easier for potential clients, and so Guardian Advice was created.

Over the last year we have been monitoring our website traffic to see where we can improve our site to make it more functional and accessible for existing and potential clients. During this time it has been clear that we are competing with the Guardian Newspaper on search engines like Google for when people search for Guardian Advice. Being that we will never be in a position to compete so we made the decision to consolidate our brand into a new easy to use, spell and understand company name: Sentry Advice.

All our services, company number and regulatory memberships remain exactly the same and it is just a simple company name change so that we can build a stronger online presence. We have also registered the term ‘Sentry’ as a trademark across the financial services sector, showing our commitment to building a strong and protected brand.

Our websites: & now automatically divert to and we have updated our social media profiles to reflect the change. All company emails divert to their intended recipient or will be caught by a catch all so no communications will be missed.

These changes have no impact on any on-going financial applications and clients experiences will not be effected.

Any questions regarding our name change please do feel free to give us a call on 01342 826 741 or email

Thomas Webster
Managing Partner

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