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FREE Parent Life Assurance from Aviva

Free Parent Life Cover – £15,000 free life assurance for parents for one year. That’s £15,000 each for mums and dads.

Aviva are giving each parent £15,000 free life insurance as a first step towards protecting your family. There’s no purchase necessary and there are absolutely no strings attached.

A free life insurance policy – easy to set up, and protect what matters most today.

  • Cover lasts for 12 months from acceptance and pays out £15,000 if a parent covered dies during this time.
  • It takes just a few minutes to apply and cover will start as soon as you’ve completed the short application process.
  • You can take out the plan once your child has been born and before they are four years old.
  • No payment is needed and they won’t request bank account or credit card details.
  • £15,000 worth of cover is available for both parents of each child. That could mean a total of £30,000 worth of protection if both parents apply.

Is £15,000 enough?

£15,000 of cover is a help towards protecting your family but it may not provide the financial reassurance you need. It’s important to review your full life cover requirements, so please get in touch with your adviser to discuss all the different options available to you to protect your family.

Terms, conditions, and exclusions apply – please contact your adviser for more details.

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