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Meet the Team: Adam Goddard

The first in a series of short videos meeting members of the Sentry Advice family. First up we have Adam Goddard, Adam is an adviser and will writer and has been with Sentry Advice since 2016. Scroll to the bottom of this blog to see the video…

What led you to a career in financial services?
After my wedding I said to myself, that’s it, I really need to put my mind to something and something that I know I will continue to enjoy and that I could make a career out of. I did think about studying to be an accountant initially but decided I’d much prefer to work towards the advice side of things. So I began my studied and now hold the diploma in financial planning.

What are the best parts of your job?
The face to face part of the job I would say is always the most interesting and the various people I meet along the way from all walks of life. Everyone has their story and you never know who you’re going to meet!

What is the most annoying part of your job?
Well, I would have to say the sometimes-frustrating process of dealing with mortgage lenders and the lack of common sense that has seemed to become the norm in recent years!

What’s your favorite thing about working with Sentry Advice?
The growth potential of the people within the firm and the great ideas that get bounced around the office. There’s a real drive in the office to expand and we are always looking at being ahead of our competitors and finding opportunities in all sorts of areas.

Where did you grow up?
Right by the seaside in East Sussex, it’s a great part of the world! Not too far from the hustle and bustle of Brighton and only a short train to London!

Which superhero do you relate most to?
Daredevil! I have always been a bit of a dare devil, especially on my snowboard and ended up in some real sticky situation in the past!

What was the proudest moment of your life?
I would have to say becoming a dad, that really is the point in your life where you suddenly feel that no matter what it takes you will be successful as you want your kids to pick whatever life they like!

Can you play any instruments?
I play the drums in a funk a soul band, everyone loves the drums!

What was your childhood nickname?
Padz, it’s not even a childhood nickname, most friends only know me as Padz!

Favourite Film?
It’s got to be Gladiator, I love a bit of history and that film has it all!


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