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What is Relevant Life Cover?

Protection planning is arguably the most important yet under-advised aspect of financial planning.

We have met many directors and high earners who take calculated risks whilst simultaneously mitigating that risk by ‘hedging their bets’ with excellent outcomes for themselves and their families. Those same directors and high earners have not had the same opportunity to hedge their bets on the one most important keystone to their success: themselves.

Today we shall be giving that opportunity through the upside of a tax-efficient form of life cover: Relevant Life

What is Relevant Life Cover?

Ever worked for a large corporation and been told you automatically receive ‘death in service benefit’? Normally this is a multiple of your salary. This is normally a group life policy. Relevant life works exactly the same as this with attributes near exactly that of a regular life policy: it is taken out for a fixed term with a monthly premium, it provides a lump sum if you die or suffer a terminal illness within the term of the policy and it is underwritten based on your personal circumstances.

The difference to standard life cover you ask? Premiums are a tax deductible expense for the company. Relevant Life premiums are paid by the company, and therefore count as a business expense.

Who is it for? If you are the Director of a company or high earning employee and have need for life cover or even if you have life cover yet pay for this from your salary then Relevant life might be just the solution for you.

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James Carson-Lee

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