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£15,000 free life insurance for each parent for one year.

Posted on: 11th Jun 2015 | Read more

It is good news for everyone willing to take advantage of the opportunities that deflation offers. This article is a quick examination of some of the ways you can benefit from our deflationary economy.

Posted on: 5th Jun 2015 | Read more

Getting on the property ladder in 2015 is harder for many people in Britain than it has ever been.

Posted on: 29th May 2015 | Read more

Well if you’re thinking of buying a house, here are some questions you might want to consider.

Posted on: 22nd May 2015 | Read more

The first step in obtaining a mortgage is to arrange an agreement in principle with a mortgage lender, but how do you go about getting one?

Posted on: 30th Apr 2015 | Read more

The Government has announced they will be launching a Help to Buy ISA to help first-time buyers save for a deposit.

Posted on: 19th Mar 2015 | Read more

Chancellor George Osborne’s final budget of this parliament. Here are the key points from Budget 2015…

Posted on: 18th Mar 2015 | Read more

We have asked our mortgage team to put together a handy blog to help explain the differences to the current help to buy schemes, and how these can help you get on, or move up, the property ladder.

Posted on: 5th Mar 2015 | Read more

A quick and handy guide to the various types of property surveys you can buy and their pros and cons!..

Posted on: 2nd Mar 2015 | Read more

Could you be owed thousands of pounds in “lost” money? Its believed that there is up to £2 billion in lost money waiting to be claimed…

Posted on: 16th Jan 2015 | Read more

We explain the different costs and responsibilities with each type of homeownership, how they impact on costs to buy, sell, and maintain a property.

Posted on: 6th Jan 2015 | Read more

Chancellor George Osborne has announced reforms to Stamp Duty in his Autumn Statement…

Posted on: 3rd Dec 2014 | Read more

We have asked our mortgage team to put together a handy guide to help explain what to look out for with this specialist type of mortgage lending…

Posted on: 4th Nov 2014 | Read more

Our Twitter feed of the month goes to @BadRealtyPhotos! They have scoured the tinterweb to find some of the funniest Estate Agency photos.

Posted on: 2nd Sep 2014 | Read more

Mark Carney, the Governor of the Bank of England, has hinted that a rise in interest rates could come sooner than expected…

Posted on: 4th Jun 2014 | Read more

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