How much can I borrow for Equity Release?

Equity Release is the umbrella term for two types of financial products:

Lifetime Mortgages – a mortgage in which the debt is repaid upon death or long term care. You retain ownership of your home.
Home Reversion Plan – where you sell your home at a big discount but are allowed to live there until death or long term care.

We do not provide advice on Home Reversion Plans so this answer will only be in regards to a Lifetime Mortgage.

The borrowing amount on a Lifetime Mortgage is based on two main factors; The youngest borrowers age and the value of the property.

Lifetime mortgage providers have calculations where they take borrowers ages vs the value of the property and provide a maximum loan figure. We have a handy calculator on this site (click here) which will give you a rough idea as to what could be achieved. This is only to be used to give a ball park figures and your broker will be able to research the market for you to get you an accurate figure.



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