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Over 55? Looking to raise tax free funds using the equity in your home? A lifetime mortgage could give
you the freedom to enjoy your retirement. Our advisers hold special qualifications to enable them to give advice on
equity release and are always available to help.

Lifetime Mortgage Calculator

Our interactive equity release calculator below will give you a very rough idea of what borrowing could be possible. Please note many lenders may be prepared to lend more than the figures below and it is best to speak to one of our advisers to get an accurate figure.

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What is a Lifetime Mortgage?

The most popular form of equity release as you will keep full ownership of your property.

Releasing tax free cash to spend on whatever you wish, without the need to make any repayments. The interest payable is rolled up and paid upon death or upon entering long term care.

There is a ‘no negative equity guarantee’ so your beneficiaries will never be liable to pay anything over the value of your home. You can also include ‘inheritance protection’ with some plans that will guarantee an agreed percentage of your homes value will be passed down, irrelevant of how much interest is owed.

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  • Total fee £990*

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*£495 is payable at the point a an application is made with the lender. The remaining £495 is payable if/when the application completes. This fee is refundable if we are unable to obtain a mortgage offer.

What is a Home Reversion Plan?

With a home reversion scheme, you sell all or part of your property at less than its market value in return for a tax-free lump sum, a regular income, or both, but stay on in your home as a tenant, paying no rent.

You’ll usually only get between 20% and 60% of the market value of your house, depending on your age and state of health.

Home reversion plans are high-risk products. They could have major implications for tax, benefits, inheritance and your long-term financial planning.


  • We do not give advice on Home Reversion Plans.

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Sentry Advice are proud members of the Equity Release Council. The Council is an optional trade body, but with our commitment to provide the best possible service to our clients, we believe in the value of setting ourselves apart from our competitors with a commitment of abiding by a strict code of conduct.

We share the same values of the Equity Release Council and believe in protecting and educating the consumer to the valid use and access to equity release.

What would a better retirement mean for you?

  • Home improvements
  • Care in the home
  • Pay off your existing mortgage
  • Help your children or grandchildren
  • Do more of the things you enjoy
  • Holiday of a lifetime for the whole family
  • Improve general standard of living
  • Supplement your pension income

Why use us?

We love our clients and our clients fell the same about us.

  • We can come to your home or you can visit our high street office
  • Friendly, whole of market & independent advice.
  • We can include your family in the advice process and answer any questions they may have
  • Our advisers hold specialist qualifications and are regulated by the FCA

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East Grinstead: 01342 826 741
Uckfield: 01825 703 082

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Sentry Advice provide completely independent advice on lifetime mortgages in Eastbourne. We are not tied to any particular lender or panel and our objective is always to find the best deal to suit our client’s circumstances and life goals.

Equity Release has a bad reputation due to the miss selling that occurred in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. Since then the industry has introduced a magnitude of regulation which protects the consumer. The Equity Release Council (formerly known as Safe Home Income Plans, SHIP) is an independent body dedicated to the protection of equity release planholders and the promotion of safe equity release plans who we are in full support of.

At Sentry Advice we take extra special care when discussing lifetime mortgage products with our clients and often involve other family members in the process to ensure everyone is comfortable with the products and options.

Lifetime mortgages have been designed to help people who are over the age of 55 and consider themselves as “Asset Rich but Cash Poor” i.e. they have a lot of equity in their home which they wish to access as they do not have enough cash in the bank for their goals.

Inheritance can be important to people and is always to be carefully considered. We can discuss the implications on equity release and inheritance with you in detail and in some scenarios put in place inheritance protections.

Lifetime Mortgage:

A lifetime mortgage is the most popular type of equity release as the planholder still owns the property and can remain living there but does not have to make any monthly payments on the borrowing. The provider will recoup their investment upon the planholder passing away (or going into long-term care) as the property is then sold. 

The minimum age for a lifetime mortgage is 55 and the older you are the more generous the lender will be in regards to loan amount. Also if you have any illnesses they can be taken into consideration to increase the borrowing as well.

The interest charged on a lifetime mortgage does not need to be paid but instead it is rolled up (meaning it is added to the debt), the roll up effect of interest can mean this type of borrowing can ultimately be expensive. Some providers do allow overpayments which help curb the compounding interest and some provide protections such as the “No Negative Equity” guarantee that providers must abide by meaning the amount owed will never be more than what the property is worth, so there is no further liability on the inheritors of your estate.

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