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Sentry Advice Eastbourne provide advice on Buildings & Contents Insurance and Private Medical Cover. We have researched these vast markets and work with single market leading providers to offer our clients access to these types of insurances.

Protecting your possessions and health is ever more important as the cost of living continues to increase and as we live longer, healthier lives. By organising insurances you can take the financial pressures away from life changing moments.

We are under no illusion that insurance is a dull subject and we all begrudge paying for an insurance that is not a legal requirement, but having the correct cover in place will give you and your family the peace of mind that all is protected if the worst was to happen.

Building & Contents Insurance:

We work directly with one of the UK’s largest provider of Buildings and Contents cover who pay out on record amounts of claims.

Buildings cover—also known as home insurance—is designed to cover the cost of any damages that happen to the structure or fittings to your home. Buildings insurance is a legal requirement of a mortgage and is put in place to cover the cost of rebuilding your home if it suffered serious damage or burnt down. You can also take out an add-on to the policy to cover the cost of various accidents within the home such as putting your foot through the loft/celling or damage caused to water pipes by not-so-handy DIY.

Contents cover is an optional extra that is often included in a buildings policy to cover the items within your home. If you are unfortunate enough to be victim to burglary or a weather storm, this insurance will cover the cost to replace items that have been stolen or damaged. You can add additional accidental cover to your policy which will cover damage to items within or outside of the home such as stains on your carpet, breakage of a television or theft of jewellery outside of the home.

Landlords Insurance:

Having a buy-to-let property can be a great investment but unfortunately the people you put your trust in to tenant your property may not be as careful as you. You may have seen on TV or heard horror stories of disgruntled tenant’s wrecking properties and refusing to move out. This is an unfortunate possible reality. Landlords insurance is there to pick up the legal bill and the cost to put the property back in a good state of repair should the worst happen.

In tougher times there may be gaps between tenants which means if you have a buy-to-let mortgage you now have a monthly commitment to pay; we would always recommend you have a personal savings pot to protect yourself from this but Landlords insurance can also help with the burden by paying the rent during rental voids.

Private Health Insurance:

The NHS is the corner stone of British life and as a nation we are forever grateful for the hard work our doctors and nurses put in to treat our ailments, but it is widely reported that the NHS is under continued pressure to keep up with the demand especially during a time of austerity and cuts in public funding.

We work exclusively with the UK’s leading provider of Private Heath Cover to organise protection for our clients who wish to receive quick, comfortable and professional treatment during times of illness.

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